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Visiting Professor Program

The Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (SSCI) has a long and proud tradition dating back to its inception in 1946 by its founder and first president, Tinsley R. Harrison. The Society has continued to flourish including its comprehensive and productive scientific session, held annually during February in New Orleans.

Visiting Professor Program

The SSCI has an unwavering devotion to its tripartite mission: a dedication to the advancement of knowledge, information and ideas; a commitment to mentoring future generations of medical investigators while promoting careers in academic medicine; and fulfillment of its vision.

The faculty embodied in SSCI membership represent an academic resource - a book of knowledge that can be shared with others. In keeping with its commitment to mentoring, a SSCI Visiting Professorship Program and speakers’ bureau, consisting of faculty who represent the very best of various disciplines in internal medicine, is being offered in order to share this knowledge with members at large and others.

Based on official applications by an academic medical center submitted to SSCI Council and selected by its Visiting Professorship Program Committee, SSCI senior faculty would be made available to deliver invited lectures including medical grand rounds. These members might also participate and contribute to research day activities sponsored by a division, department or medical school. SSCI funds have been set aside for this program to cover travel expenses; however, no honoraria will be provided.


  • to fulfill SSCI mission by providing mentors who would visit accredited US academic medicalcenters/medical schools;
  • mentors consist of senior academicians who are members of SSCI and who have been nominated andapproved by SSCI Council to serve as its representative;
  • each of the disciplines residing within a department of medicine will be represented.


  • to share existing and incremental knowledge by delivering medical grand rounds or a comparable venue;
  • to support and nurture clinician scientists and educators, who are in training, including residents and fellows;
  • to support junior faculty who have been so designated by their institution.

Time Table:

  • Deadline for applications: May 1 of each year
  • Selection committee decisions: Early June of each year
  • Committee presentation: June 1 of each year
  • Implementation period: July 1 to June 30

The Application and Mentor

The application will consist of:

  • the requested SSCI mentor as designated by the chair of medicine or division director;
  • an itinerary of the scheduled visit, including expected presentations, visitations with trainees and/or junior faculty;
  • proposed timing of the visit; and
  • expected outcomes
  • one application per institution per academic year
  • A written report of the visit will be submitted to the SSCI within 4 weeks of the mentor's visit.
  • It is expected that information regarding the SSCI will be provided in the promotion of this visit. Please contact Joan Kemp at for promotional PowerPoint slides.
  • The invited mentor will provide in writing his/her agreement to abide by the above schedule. He/she willnot receive an honorarium for the privilege of serving. Travel expenses will be provided. Room and board expenses will be provided, if needed. A request for a speaker not on this list will need approval of the Executive Director. Please contact Joan Kemp at

Speakers' Bureau

Allergy & Immunology

  • Gailen D. Marshall, MD


  • Patrice Delafontaine, MD
  • Sumanth Prabhu, MD
  • Stavros Stavrakis, MD, PhD
  • Daniel Villarreal, MD

Endocrinology & Metabolism

  • Monica Agarwal, MD
  • Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD
  • Dragana Lovre, MD
  • Vin Tangpricha, MD, PhD
  • Guillermo Umpierrez, MD
  • Priyathama Vellanki, MD


  • Richard W. McCallum, MD
  • Shajan Peter, MD
  • Don Rockey, MD
  • Charles M. Wilcox, MD

Geriatric Medicine

  • Cynthia Brown, MD


  • Robert T. Means, MD


  • Mohamed Shoreibah, MD

Infectious Disease

  • Abeer Moanna, MD
  • Michael S. Bronze, MD
  • Jess Howard Anderson, MD

Integrative Medicine

  • Gailen D. Marshall, MD

Medical Education

  • S. Calvin Thigpen, MD


  • Jared Cook, MD
  • Leslie Gewin, MD
  • Eleanor Lederer, MD
  • Dana Rizk, MD
  • Jeff Sands, MD
  • Juan Carlos Velez, MD


Clinical Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine, & Health Services Research

  • Tonette Krousel-Wood, MD

Pulmonary/Critical Care

  • David M. Guidot, MD
  • Jesse Roman, MD
  • George "Marty" Solomon, MD

Rheumatology & Immunology

  • Mary Beth Humphrey, MD, PhD
  • Jim C. Oates, MD

Speakers not on this list are allowed. They must be members in good standing with the SSCI and approved by the Executive Director. Please send request to

Visiting Professor Program Selection Committee

To objectively evaluate submitted applications and to prioritize amongst them based on merits of the proposal using criteria identified above. Selection committee members include:

  • SSCI Officers and Council

No more than ten programs would be approved per year.

"Allow the passion that burns within to remain ignited during the pursuit of new knowledge and new horizons that extend beyond current wisdom. Exceptionalism is within our reach, let us explore it together."

Weber, KT. Am J Med Sci 2011;341:263.

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