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The President's Letter

June 19, 2018

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am delighted to report that the Southern Society of Clinical Investigation (SSCI) is healthy and vibrant and that the highly successful recent Southern Regional Meeting (SRM) in New Orleans is just one of many indications that we remain a powerful force in academic medicine throughout the region. In parallel, our journal did not miss a beat when the editorship transitioned from David Ploth to Jesse Roman, and our new publisher (Elsevier) is quickly proving to be an invaluable partner in taking both the journal and the Society to new heights. The SSCI Council and leadership recently completed its annual mid-year retreat and, in partnership with our colleagues in the Southern Section of the American Federation for Medical Research (S-AFMR), the Southern Society of Pediatric Research (SSPR), and the Academic Pediatric Association (APA), began the exciting task of planning next year’s meeting in New Orleans. Look for details about featured scientific symposia, an expansion of sessions for clinician-educators, and other elements of the meeting in future letters from me that will be posted here on the web site.

I have been a member of the SSCI for more than 20 years, and one of the great privileges in my academic career is to serve as your President until the next SRM in February. I love everything about the Society and have enthusiastically attended every SRM since I moved to Emory University in 1995. With the input and support from our incredibly creative Council members and other SSCI leadership, my goals are to maintain the wonderful traditions we have developed over the past seven decades but also to help prepare us for success in the ever changing academic landscape going forward. Therefore, while we embrace and celebrate the past, we will dedicate the coming year to positioning the SSCI for an even greater role in promoting the missions of academic medicine for years to come. In this context, my future letters as we progress through 2018 will outline some exciting changes within the Society designed to provide even greater value to our members as well as opportunities for the ‘next generation’ of academicians we are so privileged to mentor. Therefore, I believe that SRM 2019 which will be held February 21-23 in New Orleans will be eventful and that with the input and support of all of our members the SSCI will remain a dynamic force in academic medicine for generations to come.

My father was a physician who dedicated his career to patient care and teaching, including as the program director of an Internal Medicine residency at a large teaching hospital in my hometown of Detroit. As I was progressing through my medical training in the 1980’s, he told me that for him “the only good thing about the good old days was that I was younger”. I have kept this ‘advice’ with me throughout my career and genuinely believe that the only time in medicine that is more exciting than ‘today’ is ‘tomorrow’. The SSCI has the inspirational members to carry this message to the students, trainees and junior faculty who are currently immersed in their ‘best days’ (and that will eventually become the ‘good old days’ for them). Therefore, I am proud and privileged to serve as this year’s SSCI President and look forward to sharing our efforts and successes with you in the coming months.

Warmest regards,
David M. Guidot, MD

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