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SSCI Health Legislation and Policy (HeLP) Line


John R. Feussner, MD
John R. Feussner, MD

To inform health care professionals about important legislative activities or health policy issues that could affect them or their institutions. With all the ongoing change and turmoil in our profession, academic physicians and their leaders could benefit from being better informed about policy or legislative matters that are current and could impact the profession. The website entries will seek to be succinct but informative. Where appropriate, we will provide links to other sites for those interested in more information about the policy or legislative matter. With clinical reimbursement decreasing; funding for medical research stagnant; government support for residency training uncertain; and health care reform a priority, now is a good time to enhance awareness among health professionals about policy matters, legislative activities and new laws that might affect them. As an example, consider the new legislation eliminating the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) recently passed by the U.S. Congress and signed by the President (our first HeLP line will deal with the SGR saga).

What is the website expected to accomplish?

Provide timely information about national and state legislative deliberations and policy discussions that affect academic health centers and individual physicians, whether clinicians, researchers or educations. Health care professionals should be informed more fully about legislation that affects academic physicians and can change our profession. Health care leaders need to become more active and engaged in policy and legislative matters so they can influence the future direction of health care delivery and reform efforts.

Frequency of Updates

Approximately bi-weekly to monthly, depending on the level of policy or legislative activity in Washington, DC or the State legislatures.

Soliciting Information Requests from the Membership

On this site, the membership can seek more information about their concerns or information needs in the healthcare legislative/policy arenas pertaining to patient care, education, and research. Members can send their questions to

To begin, the HeLP line site will be informational only. Depending on the membership's interest and engagement, our activities could evolve to a policy/legislative blog with information exchange with an opportunity for comment and dialogue.

Thank you,
John R. Feussner, MD
Medical University of South Carolina

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