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AJMS Letter From the Editor

November 5, 2018

Dear SSCI Members,

The December issue of the American Journal of the Medical Sciences acknowledges the contributions of our reviewers. We are particularly grateful to the reviewers as it is primarily through their efforts that this journal will improve its content. Evaluating a submitted manuscript and providing a timely review containing helpful advice to both authors and editor is hard work; work that is often underappreciated. Please know that we do greatly appreciate it. The journal is what it is today thanks to the contributions of reviewers who will undoubtedly continue to enhance the content of this journal.

The December issue also highlights changes to its content made last year. For example, the issue contains an editorial discussing the implications of the findings in a report published in the same issue. It also includes several 'Letters to the Editor' and three 'Patient-Centered Focused Reviews', which I am sure you will enjoy. In addition, as part of our series on The History of Medicine, it includes an article about the only known episodes of violence associated with American medical education anti-semitism. The tale is disturbing, particularly in view of last year's Charlottesville White Nationalist Rally and the recent Pittsburgh synagogue shootings. Some have questioned the need for a feature on the History of Medicine in our journal. Confronted with such events, far and recent, how can we not.

Note that we also highlight articles in our website in a section called 'Hot Topics'. These new features have become expected components of each issue and, together with timely and omprehensive reviews, novel clinical and basic investigations, nd provocative online medical images, the journal is now set for its next phase of growth.

Thank you all for your contributions to the success of the AJMS.

Jesse Roman, on behalf of the editorial team

Letter from the Editor - November 2018


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