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FAMe Update

Thank you!

We have reached and exceeded our Fund for Academic Medicine (FAMe) goal of $750,000 by 2018. We are currently at $763,128!!! Our next goal is $1,000,000 by 2022. Please help us reach that benchmark and insure our ability to continue mentoring future generations of medical investigators and promoting careers in academic medicine!

"We live in exciting times with amazing breakthroughs in medical research seeming to make the news on a daily basis. However, these advances can only continue and, more importantly, be delivered to people in the clinical setting if academic medical centers are able to train the next generation of physician-scientists and educators. The Southern Society of Clinical Investigation (SSCI) began halfway through the past century to promote scientific discovery and education at a time when medical research was just beginning to unlock the mysteries of human disease. In this new century, the SSCI has recently established the Fund for Academic Medicine (FAMe) to continue our mission to nurture scientific discovery and education throughout the academic medical centers in the southern region of the United States. The goal is to establish an endowment of $1 million, and we recently passed the 75% mark toward this goal. We are ambitiously working to achieve our goal (and beyond) as these missions are paramount to promoting a healthy population and thereby create a more vibrant society as we march through the 21st century."

David M. Guidot, MD, Chair
FAMe Fundraising Subcommittee

"The SSCI is committed to improving physician training and advancing discovery through research. To this end, it created FAMe with the intention of generating resources to be invested towards this goal. I am pleased to announce that thanks to the wonderful support of our membership, and in just a few years, we reached and exceeded our initial $750,000 goal. This provides the SSCI with resources to continue to nurture the careers of young educators and researchers; the future of academic medicine depends on this new generation of academicians. I remain humbled by the stellar work of the SSCI, and I encourage its membership to continue to donate towards this lofty goal."

Jesse Roman, MD, Past Chair
FAMe Fundraising Subcommittee


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