Former Presidents

2013 James C. Oates
2012 Robert T. Means
2011 Karl T. Weber
2010 Charles V. (Bo) Sanders
2009 Jesse Roman
2008 Bruce C. Kone
2007 L. Lee Hamm, III
2006 Donald E. Wesson
2005 Christopher R. Marino
2004 Michael S. Bronze
2003 David W. Ploth
2002 Richard D. deShazo
2001 Raymond N. DuBlois
2000 Sandra Sabatini
1999 Jules B. Puschett
1998 Charles Mansbach
1997 Richard W. McCallum
1996 Charles S. Wingo
1995 Donald M. Miller
1994 James B. Dale
1993 Martin H. Steinberg
1992 Jay S. Skyler
1991 Phillip P. Toskes
1990 Gregory R. Mundy
1989 Juha Kokko
1988 Alan Garber
1987 William Yarger
1986 Manuel Martinez-Maldonado
1985 Sanford B. Krantz
1984 Jay H. Stein
1983 Peter Kohler
1982 John Dietschy
1981 Charles E. Rackley
1980 Paul D. Webster, III
1979 John A. Oates
1978 Wadi N. Suki
1977 Daniel W. Foster
1976 Harold J. Fallon
1975 John H. Phillips
1974 James S. Wyngaarden
1973 Alfred J. Bollet
1972 W. Jape Taylor
1971 John A. Pierce
1970 Marvin D. Siperstein
1969 Gerald S. Berenson
1968 Herbert O. Sieker
1967 George E. Schreiner
1966 Sam A. Threefoot
1965 Grant W. Liddle
1964 Donald W. Seldin
1963 Ivan L. Bennett, Jr.
1962 Kenneth R. Crispell
1961 Holbrooke S. Seltzer
1960 Laurence H. Kyle
1959 C. Thorpe Ray
1958 Lewis G. Welt
1957 Albert Segaloff
1956 Arthur C. Guyton
1955 Walter H. Sheldon
1954 George E. Burch
1953 George T. Harrell, Jr.
1952 Eugene A. Stead, Jr.
1951 Paul B. Beeson
1950 Thomas Findley
1949 Arthur J. Merrill
1948 Harold D. Green
1947 Tinsley R. Harrison


Halushka, Perry V Heimberg, Murray Lertora, Juan J
Minor, Deborah S Robertson, David Shepherd, Alexander M
Sica, Domenic A Taylor, Addison A

Mission Statement

The Southern Society for Clinical Investigation is dedicated to the advancement of medical research and the exchange of knowledge, information and ideas. Its members are committed to mentoring future generations of medical investigators and promoting careers in academic medicine.


The Southern Society for Clinical Investigation will be recognized as the premier regional society supporting the advancement of medical research by sponsoring an annual meeting, recognizing excellence in academic medicine, developing programs specifically to support young medical investigators, and publishing The American Journal of the Medical Sciences.