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Mentor of the Year Award

Mentoring is a fundamental determinant of success in the biomedical sciences and is a major mission of the SSCI. These awards recognize outstanding mentors who are members of our organization and who have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to mentoring students, trainees, and/or junior faculty. Moreover, through their positive impact on the mentee's careers, they have advanced medical education and research for the benefit of the community at large. Nominations should be submitted to Joan Kemp no later than October 31, 2015. Click for Details (MS Word format)

Fund for Academic Medicine

We have created a special Fund for Academic Medicine, and ask that you consider becoming a friend to the Fund. You can become a friend by pledging as little as $1000 to be fulfilled over a period up to 3 years. Please review the pledge sheet which explains giving options here.

Welcome to the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (SSCI)

Welcome to the website of the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (SSCI). As stated in our mission and vision statements, the SSCI is a regional academic society dedicated to the advancement of medically-related research. Our major focus, however, is on encouraging students and post-graduate trainees (residents and fellows) to enter academic medicine and to support junior faculty success in clinical investigation. We accomplish this through sponsorship of an annual scientific meeting and publication of a scientific journal (The American Journal of the Medical Sciences). Both of these venues are committed to helping young investigators, providing them with avenues for scientific expression that is the essence of academic medicine. We seek to encourage their discovery pursuits at the meeting, and if their work comes to fruition in a scientifically sound manner, we encourage submission of a completed manuscript to The AJMS. These venues provide the necessary scientific exposure to start a successful career in academic medicine.

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